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Bridging Blockchain Technology and Bee Conservation for a Sustainable Future.

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A Blend of Passion, Technology and Nature

What started out as one man's dream is slowly evolving into a reality and a real world business.

Alexander Manchev affectionately known as Xanderz has always had a passion for honey, bees and nature.  Not only does Xanderz want to preserve the bee population and their habitats, he wants to go one step further and grow back the world's bee population.  This has become his goal and with the BeezHive project and various partnerships fostered along the way this dream is becoming a reality.

Technology is always advancing and through the use of the Cardano blockchain alternative ways of achieving his goals have become attainable.  BeezHive is creating a bridge between real life, blockchain and NFTs.  

You too could be a part of this force of nature.  Help save the bees with BeezHive.


 BeezHiveNFT started as a web3 project raising funds from the minting of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain - similar in style to how a kickstarter fund works. Early adopters received NFTs that act similar to how a share certificate works, but with more use cases.

The aim of BeezHive is to help save the bees by using funds raised from the sale of NFTs to build out multiple apiaries over time and then moving into the web2 world by selling honey and honey related products via ecommerce. We plan to reward early adopters with honey rewards based upon their NFTs holdings.

Currently the BeezHive project has 1 apiary with over 50 beehives based in Bulgaria. Once 100 hives are obtained the next leg of the expansion programme will kick in.

Each apiary will consist of 100 bee hives plus a warehouse to support and help care for the bees.  The bee hives will produce honey that NFT holders will be able to taste for themselves via our gamified staking platform.


Globally bees are facing many threats and are in decline. Habitat loss, toxic pesticides, disease and climate change all threaten the global bee population. These factors make the future for bees and many other pollinators unpredictable. These threats have led to nearly 10% of Europe’s wild bee species facing extinction.

At BeezHive we aim to help stop the decline of bees as much as we possibly can. We have a working apiary in Bulgaria which currently has over 50 beehives with our aim being 100 bee hives.  Once we reach a full apiary of 100 hives we want to expand to a second apiary using the same proven business model.

More than half of the world’s diet of fats and oils come from animal-pollinated plants.

Over 150 food crops in the U.S. depend on pollinators, including almost all fruit and grain crops.

Crops dependent on pollination are worth more than $10 billion per year.

75% of the world’s flowering plants and about 35% of the world’s food crops depend on animal pollinators.

Pollinators are responsible for the survival of 30% of the human food supply and 90% of our wild plants.

How Can You Help
Save The Bees?

We at BeezHive are forward thinking and see how the world is progressing. We want to link the Web3 world and the real world using the Cardano Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

We have already minted 1925 BeezHive NFT's to our loyal supporters. Each BeezHive NFT allows the owner to earn a share of the honey that our bees produce at the end of the harvest.  Not only does owning a BeezHive NFT offer owner benefits, like a share in a company - it also lets the owner know that their purchase is helping do some good in the world, whilst being part of a community of like minded people.

Access to a world of bees and honey

Meet the BeezHive Team

Founder and Beekeeper

Alexander Manchev

Since I was a child, I always loved honey, bees, and nature itself. 

As a fully grown man, I decided to look for ways to save the bees and forests in every possible way.  Not only do I want to preserve the bees but I also want to help grow back the world’s bee population.

Founder and Entrepreneur

Martin Hansell

I reside in the UK. I've worked in the food business all my life, and I'm a father of four.

For the last 2 years, I have ventured into the Web3 world, founding the Inmates Brand. I have a track record of delivering what has been set out in a business plan. I'm strong in finance management and relationship building. We also have an experienced support team.

The BeezHive project has always been close to my heart and has huge untapped potential, which I seek to help unleash.

Founder and Community Manager

Amariah "CB" Hash

Ambassador for World Mobile & Founder of BeezHive. With over 30 years of experience across multiple industries, I'm always looking to partner for success.

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