The BeezHive is a collection of initial 5,000 unique and computer-generated NFTs giving you a real chance of owning a beehive with your own name tag and under 24 hour surveillance which you'll have online access to. The best part is that you could get to taste the sweet 100% organic honey which our beehives will produce.


For thousands of years bees have been living in peace and harmony until the inevitable happened:
A large species threatened their natural habitat through the use of pesticides and the sealing of green spaces through development. These circumstances forced the bees to fight for their survival. War broke out between the bee colonies and the new species, the Homo Sapiens. Sadly, the bees are about to lose this significant war. Their intention was not to rule over the world, they simply wanted to defend their habitat and keep playing the important role in the global ecosystem. When the Homo sapiens recognized this, the bee population had already been in pretty bad conditions. Fortunately, there is the BeezHive community who supports the queen bee and her workers to save their world and fight back against the irresponsible human beings. The BeezHive community is here to grow and strengthen the bee population by building over 1,000 beehives in one of the most beautiful parts of the world in our initial steps.


How it all works

The funds from the sale of our current collection of 5,000 (Beez Army 1.0) is enough to build 500 beehives or in other words 5 apiaries. Therefore the sale of 1,000 NFTs will generate enough funds to be able to build 1 apiary. That’s exactly how we’re going to split the building of all apiaries.

Whenever it’s time for us to open the mint, there will be only 1,000 NFTs available. Afterwards, with the money from the mint, we’ll get to work straight away and build an apiary with a 100 beehives.

Mints will be few and far between depending on how the construction of each apiary goes. Video/photo content of the building process will be constantly uploaded on our socials.

1 What happens once an apiary is built?

We’ll then create digital versions of each beehive built as an NFT. These NFTs will be airdropped to certain individuals as a token of appreciation. More information regarding their distribution and utility can be found in our Whitepaper.

What about the additional 500 beehives?

Once we’ve built the first 500 beehives and our initial collection “Beez Army 1.0” is sold out, we’ll produce a second collection of another 5,000 NFTs called the “Beez Army 2.0” and repeat the process.

What perks do I get as a holder?

🍯80% of all royalties will go back to holders.

🍯50% of all honey produced will go back to some our holders. You can also trade in your share for ADA.

🍯Volume generating contests - $300 will be split between the top three volume generating holders every TWO weeks!

🍯Regular trait hunts which will allow you to participate in the volume generating contests even if you haven’t met the minimum requirements.

🍯The hardest working beez will be rewarded with our special & limited beehive NFTs.

🍯There’s a special surprise/reward for the top 10 volume generating holders over the course of the next few months. The prize will be an adventure of a life time and is valued at approximately $10,000. What that is and who the winners are, will be announced in April!

Further and more detailed information regarding the above can be found in our Whitepaper.


The Beginning

Q3 2022

  • ✔️ Creation of the NFT design.
  • ✔️ Setting up social media presence (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Discord)
  • ✔️ Launch of the BeezHive website.
  • ✔️ Start an active marketing campaign drawing in influencers and virtually anyone who cares about the importance of bees.
  • ✔️ Launch of the BeezHive collection (Early October)

Initiation of plan
“Save the Beez”

Q4 2022

  • ✔️ All proceeds from the official launch will be contributed towards the apiary building fund.
  • ✔️ Purchase of building materials, land, beehives, CCTV equipment & employing bee-keepers.
  • ⌛ During the cold months of the upcoming winter
    we’ll solely focus on building the first apiary of 100 beehives.
  • ⌛ Video content on all social media channels
    of the progress made will be delivered constantly
    to keep everyone up to date.

Execution of plan
“Save the Beez”

Q1 2023

  • ⌛ In the coldest months of January and February,
    we promise to do our best and build additional 100 beehives by March but that would depend on how
    harsh the winter would be.
  • ⌛ Inquire with the local councils to identify and reserve the best locations for our future apiaries.
  • ⌛ Selecting and purchasing new bee families to inhabit our first two apiaries.
  • ⌛ In March, this is the earliest month when we can introduce our bee families to their new homes.

Join the Hive,
save the Beez!

Q2 2023

  • ⌛ Installation of the CCTV equipment on each beehive then connecting it on-line.
  • ⌛ Hiring a security company to look after each and every one of our apiaries separate from the CCTV surveillance.
  • ⌛ Release the first one 100 hundred unique beehive NFTs
  • ⌛ Completion of the second apiary of 100 beehives.
  • ⌛ Release the second collection of 100 beehive NFTS.

Let’s help the Treez,
not just the Beez.

Q3 2023

  • ⌛ We’ve decided to go the extra mile within our organisation and also plant a tree for every beehive we’ve built which will not only help the environment but also prolong the beehives’ lifespan.
  • ⌛ Continuing the rapid expansion of our apiaries during the warm months.
  • ⌛ Completion of our third and fourth apiaries.
  • ⌛ Release more beehive NFT collections.
  • The process of building and inhabiting new beehives will continue even after we’ve reached our goal of building 1,000 beehives. We wholeheartedly hope to inspire people to take action and contribute however they can in order to restore the balance on this planet which we all call home.



“The BeezHive project is of charitable nature and its' main mission is not to be a money making machine for investors/founders. Any financial gain from the project is more of a reward for doing a good deed.”

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join the community

We treat our society truly as we should. Everyone who joins should feel in a really nice and good environment, that's why we organize really interesting events on our Discord server and Twitter! This is done in order to maintain constant communication and consideration in our society. Join now!

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