BeezHive Staking 

The BeezHive Staking Platform is unique in that as we are in the business of bees and honey it makes sense that the bees determine our staking rewards. 

Tokenomics are irrelevant when dealing with nature; all staking rewards go to the holders and are hedged by the value of honey produced. 

How will this work?

  • $NECTAR Staking is live.
  • Each NFT will receive staking rewards, and some will have multipliers.
  • Staking will stop at the time a harvest is collected.
  • The Value of honey produced from harvest will determine the value of $NECTAR.
  • 50% of the honey will go to the business.
  • There will be an option on the dashboard for you to exchange your $NECTAR rewards for $ADA.
  • There will be an option to trade in your $NECTAR rewards for real honey (shipping costs apply).
  • 50% of the harvest value will be added to the staking dashboard in $ADA.
  • There will be a time lock for collecting rewards if you do not collect it will be rolled over to the next harvest.
  • We will have a reserve $ADA fund for preparation of a bad harvest as with nature they vary in amounts of honey.
  • Each family will have an equal set of hives.

After each harvest the winning family will have a boosted staking reward for the next war. BeezHive will actively work with trusted projects in the space to help build their own bee hives and contribute to the environment and diversify their investments. 

Partner Hives

Each partner will invest in building their selected number of hives.

20% will go back to BeezHive to cover maintenance and development costs.

80% of the honey or $ADA value will be returned to the partner project per harvest.

Some of our mint funds will be used to start entering into the world of honey based products which is a lucrative market.

We will add the NFT holder utility for the following products. 

  • Honey Shipping
  • Infused Honey
  • Candles
  • Beeswax Lip Balm
  • Skincare Products

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